/ˈbærəl / (say 'baruhl)

1. a wooden cylindrical vessel made of staves hooped together, and having slightly bulging sides and flat parallel ends.
2. a unit of quantity in the imperial system, equal to 159.11315 × 10-3 m3, and in the US, to 158.9873 × 10-3 m3.
3. any vessel, case, or part similar in form.
4. anything which is barrel-shaped, as the trunk of a tree.
5. the tube of a gun.
6. (usually plural) Building Trades that part of a pipe through which the bore and the wall thickness remain uniform.
7. Machinery the chamber of a pump, in which the piston works.
8. Horology the cylindrical case in a watch or clock within which the mainspring is coiled.
9. Ornithology the hard, horny, hollow part of the stem at the base of a feather; the calamus or quill.
10. Nautical the main portion of a capstan about which the rope winds.
11. Colloquial a benefit (def. 3).
verb (t) (barrelled or, US, barreled, barrelling or, US, barreling)
12. to put or pack in a barrel or barrels.
13. Colloquial to knock over or run into (as in football): I'll barrel the bloke.
14. barrel along, Colloquial to move along swiftly and confidently.
15. over a barrel, at a disadvantage; in difficulty. {Phrase Origin: ? from the past practice of resuscitating someone rescued from drowning by draping them over a barrel, which was then rocked backwards and forwards to help drain the water from the person's lungs}
{Middle English barel, from Old French baril, probably from barre bar, stave}
/ˈbærəl / (say 'baruhl)

noun Colloquial
a hat.
{rhyming slang, barrel of fat hat}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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